With Earth, Wind & Fire

With Earth, Wind & Fire I edited to video , some important pictures taken with the members of Earth, Wind & Fire .

BGM is "Let Me Love You" featured on the "Illumination" collector's CD as a bonus track.  

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One World

One World (1990) from album "Music Speaks Louder Than Words)

The whole world is under threat from the new COVID-19.
Now we are forced to take a distance.
But I want to keep our minds closer and fight as a whole world!
Earth, Wind & Fire's 1990 song ...
Don't you think that we can be empowered by listening ?
I quote the lyrics this time.
One World
(P P Oland, F Previte, S Manukion, M Targo)
Someone like you, someone like me
Dreaming a dream of what could be
Do we believe ? We'll maybe we do
It all comes down to me and you
No matter who we are …there's only
One world
One love to share
I've seen it in your eyes
I see it everywhere
We're not alone
We all share a home
In one world
We speak in different words
We live our separate lives
Yet every morning 
We watch the same sun rise
Produced by Maurice White
Associate Producer / Bill Meyers
Lead Vocals / Maurice White & Philip Bailey
Keyboads and Synthesizers / Bill Meyers
Percussion / Maurice White
Guitar / Sheldon Reynolds
Saxphone / Gary Bias
Trumpet / Ray Brown
Trumpet / Michael Stewart
Trombone / Reggie Young
Backgruond Vocals / Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Sheldon Reynolds

This song is also featured in this album.

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Revernge / Nathan East (2017)

Nathan East, a member of Four Play and known as a global bassist.
Here is his third solo album.

While performing with many artists ...
To be honest, this instruments are hard to become the main characters.

However, those two solos that have overcome such concerns are bestsellers.
※ I have not purchased, but ...

Well, this album.
Earth, Wind & Fire members participated in 2 songs.
The two songs are EWF's masterpieces "Love's Holiday" and "Serpentine Fire"

The song that inserts new syllables while keeping the original phrase is really nice.
Voice of Philip Bailey who participated in “Love's Holiday”.

Chorus is unique expression only this time, great satisfaction.

Also I felt happy with "Serpentine Fire".
Here, the vocals are featured from the beginning, so you can enjoy Philip Bailey's lead and back vocals.
Moreover, the chorus isn't the obligato of this song, which I'm used to listening to,
I got the impression like a new song, and recently started heavy rotation.

Lead vocalist is Philip Bailey.
Further ...
Verdin White on Bass
Ralph Johnson on Percussion

Also, Eric Clapton on guitar and Phil Collins on Drum.
Great collaboration!

01. Love's Holiday(feat. Philip Bailey)
02. Lifecycle
03. Elevenate
04. Serpentine Fire(feat. Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind & Fire)
05. Feels Like Home(feat. Yolanda Adams)
06. Higher Ground(feat. Kirk Whalum)
07. The Mood I’m In(feat. Nikki Yanofsky)
08. Over The Rainbow(feat. Noah East)
09. Shadow
10. Pasan
11. Why Not This Sunday(feat. Ruben Studdard)
12. Until We Meet Again

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Images / Bill Meyers (1986)

I finally got it.
When I discovered it before, it was expensive and out of hand.
He participated in numerous albums of Earth, Wind & Fire.

It is a solo album of Blll Meyers who produced many famous songs by teaming with Maurice White.

All seven songs are instrumental.
The melodious and magnificent tune continues and is comfortable.

Jerry Hey participated in the horn selection.

1 AM (feat. Larry Carlton & Ernie Watts)
2 PM (feat. Ernie Watts)
3 Voyager (Prelude & Liftoff) [feat. Larry Carlton & Vinnie Colaiuta]
4 Heartland
5 Time Warp (Part 1) [feat. Brandon Fields]
6 Time Warp (Part 2) [feat. Brandon Fields]
7 Pastorale (feat. Michael Landau)

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I Feel The Light

I Feel The Light  / Little Glee Monster featuring Earth,Wind & Fire (2019)

 The long-awaited CD has been released! Little Glee Monster has grown into a leading Japanese girl vocal group .
Their new song features our Earth, Wind & Fire!
They were the undercards of the last time the EWF came to Japan and performed a concert at Budokan.

In that case, I do not know their existence ...
Surprise to sing the famous song "Septenmber" together ...
 In this performance, I shot this video ...
 * Movie shooting was OK, so it was not taken illegally.
 Comments on my YouTube channel are only for Little Glee Monster fan ...

It's an incredibly popular group! New songs featuring EWF.
Many EWF members have collaborated with Japanese artists,
Maurice White with Sakurako Mitsui, kaito, Noriko Sakai,
Philip Bailey with Anri, J-frends
Ralph Jonson with Hiromi Iwasaki,

However, there were few examples in the past that feature and release with the entire EWF group.
 Unfortunately, it seems that it is only released in Japan with a CD and DVD set. But you can get this here!
  【Amazon.co.jp限定】I Feel The Light (通常盤) (オリジナル缶バッジ付)

The groove is EWF! It's really cool!
There's a Philip Bailey solo, and their melody line is overlaid by Philip's chorus. 

How many EWF members are participating?
There was a notation on the jacket.

 Lyrics / Philip Bailey
Produced by Philip Bailey
Vocal Direction / Valerie Bailey
Horn Arrengement/ Ray Brown
Gutiars / Masa Kohama
Bass / Verdine White
Drums / John Paris
Trumpets / Rashwn Ross, Will Artope,
Alto Tenor Sax / Gary Bias
Trombone / Reggie Young

 I was able to confirm John Paris's participation in the video, but ...
My favorite Gary Bias and Reggie Young were also ...
It should be a funky and lucky sound like EWF!
 This product also comes with a DVD.
PV, which Little Glee Monster co-starred with Earth, Wind & Fire,
 They also comment on how they participated in this miracle project.

The CD coupling song is a Christmas song that seems to be a huge hit even for singles.
 It's a rich one!

1 I Feel The Light / Little Glee Monster featuring Earth, Wind & Fire
2 Put a ribbon on your love
3 You've Got A Friend
4 Monster Groove Medley
5 You Don't Know Nothing

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Love Will Find A Way

Love Will Find A Way / Philip Bailey (2019)

Philip Baily's solo album after a long absence!
In 2010, we released a mini album "Love Is Real" which was only available for download.
This is the first full album in 17 years.
Except for “Sacred Sounds” by Philip Bailey, Robert Glasper and Philip D Bailey,
He played past jazz masterpieces with luxurious guests.

It is one piece that can enjoy the jazzy singing voice of Philip Bailey!
Of course Earth, Wind & Fire albums are fine too ...
You must also listen to a glossy jazz album that you can enjoy moist.

1. “Billy Jack” ft. Robert Glasper
2. “You’re Everything” ft. Chick Corea
3. “We’re a Winner” ft. Bilal
4. “Stairway To The Stars” ft. Christian Scott and Christian McBride
5. “Brooklyn Blues”
6. “Once In A Lifetime”
7. “Just To Keep You Satisfied”
8. “Sacred Sounds” ft. Kamasi Washington and Robert Glasper
9. “Long As You’re Living” ft. Christian McBride
10. “Love Will Find A Way” ft. Casey Benjamin

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Soul On Jazz

Soul On Jazz / Philip Bailey (2002)

The second jazz album released by Philip Bailey on Heads Up Records.

I feel like I'm deeper into the jazz territory than his previous album.
Still, full-fledged jazz sound ...
It heals you especially when you listen at night.

This sound was based on the rhythm of Warner's decades ago.
More standard, more impressive ...
One that makes a nice space.

Except for "Unrestrained" in 6, this is a jazz classic released by other artists.
They are dyed in Philip Bailey color and listened.
If you like Western liquor, make this album a BGM ,will make you feel more relaxed  than before.

EWF members are also participating.

B David Whitworth・・・Backgrond vocals on 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,11
Myron McKinley・・・Produced on 2,3,6,7,8,
                    ・・・Arranged on 2,3,5,7,8
                    ・・・Piano on 23,4,7,8,
Robert Brookins ・・・Background vocals on 6,
1. My Indiscretions (Sir Bailey, Joe Zawinul)
2. Dear Ruby (Ruby, My Dear) (Thelonious Monk, Sally Swisher) 
3.Compared to What ( Gene McDaniels)
4. Nature Boy (Eden, Ahbez)
5. Bop-Skip-Doodle ( Sir Bailey, Wayne "Dj Smash") 
6. Unrestrained ( Sir Bailey, Myron McKinley )
7. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy ( Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Larry Williams, Joe Zawinul )
8.Keep Your Head to the Sky ( Maurice White)
9. Sometime Ago"  8Chick Corea, Neville Potter )
10. Tell Me a Bedtime Story ( Herbie Hancock, Jean Hancock)
11. On the Red Clay ( Freddie Hubbard, Mark Murphy )

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Dreams / Philip Bailey (1999)

Jazz album released from Heads Up International Records!
The Billboard Top Jazz Albums chart ranked 43rd.
I'm not very familiar with jazz, but ...
A comfortable groove that echoes the soul immediately.
It is always a great album that you want to be able to listen to at any time.

Big artists Philip Bailey has joined the album participated in as a guest to this work.
Joe McBridge,Everette Harp, Gerald Vesley, Kirk Whalum, George Duke,
And also Earth, Wind & Fire members were there!

Morris Pleasure /Produce, Keyboards & Programming
on ,7,8,9
Robert Brookins /Produce, Keyboards & Programming
on ,8,10

1  Waiting for the Rain
(Eric Huber)
2  Moondance
(Van Morrison)
3  Dream Like I Do
(Eric Huber)
4  Something
(Eric Huber)
5  Make It with You
(David Gates)
6  Sail Away
(Philip Bailey, Eddie del Barrio, Roxanne Seeman, Maurice White)
7  The Masquerade Is Over
(Herbert Magidson, Allie Wrubel)
8  Are We Doing Better Now
(Philip Bailey, Sir Bailey, Robert Brookins)
9  Something to Remind You
(Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny)
10 Strength to Love You
(Philip Bailey, Sir Bailey, Robert Brookins)

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Life And Love

Life And Love / Philip Bailey (1998)

This album was produced by Jean Paul Mauick of Incognito.

When it was released, I liked the sound of Incognito,
When they came to Japan, I went to see their live.
“Always There” is a live performance every time, and was created by former EWF member Ronnie Lows.
By the way, "Steppin 'Through Time" pre-released as a single

Although it is an incognito taste, the back is a gorgeous performance reminiscent of EWF.
I have an exciting memory of Philip Bailey's new song that is different from before.
The collaboration between British jazz sound and Philip was fresh ...

This is a diverse album that contains songs of various tastes.
A work that offers a wonderful experience with various approaches and melodies.

Two songs with Jean Paul Mauick of Incognito are the highlights of this album ...
I personally like the second song "Anything Is Possible" anyway!

Listen to this album for the first time in a few years while being ashamed ...
This song was from Philip Bailey?
I remembered.
The catchy melody is an impression that once hit and resembled a familiar standard for everyone.

Hallucinations that everyone has heard ...
It is related to the catch of this song,
Perhaps I went to Philip Bailey's solo live several times and listened to it.

  1. How Can I Rely On You (Jean Paul Maunick & Graham Harvey)
  2. Anything Is Possible (Alan Glass,,Junior Giscombe)
  3. Tonight (Alan Glass, Andrew Kippet,N M Walden)
  4. Weightless (Philip Bailey Sir ,Alan Glass)
  5. Someway, Somehow (Alan Glass,Andrew Kippet,Sel Dakota Grattude)
  6. Down (Philip Bailey Sir ,Alan Glass,Andrew Kippet)
  7. Talking To Myself (Philip Bailey Sir ,Alan Glass,Andrew Kippet)
  8. Caution To The Wind (Andrew Kippet,Rck Milta )
  9. Steppin' Through Time (Jean Paul Maunick & Graham Harvey)
  10. Life And Love (Alan Glass, Philip Bailey,Andrew Kippet)
  11. Feining For Your Love (Alan Glass, Philip Bailey,Andrew Kippet)
  12. All Night Waiting (Alan Glass, Philip Bailey,Andrew Kippet)
  13. Bailes' Song (Philip Bailey Howard McCraty)
  14. Shower Me With Your Love
  15. How Can I Rely On You(Love To Infinity's Soulmaster Radio Mix

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The Best of Philip Bailey Gospel Collection

The Best of Philip Bailey  Gospel Collection  (1991)

Philip Bailey's best album!
However, "Easy Lover", which was a huge hit, is not included.

A cut of popular songs from three gospel albums released by Word Records.
As you can see from the author's face, many hit song makers participated.

Eduardo del Barrio co-authored Earth, Wind & Fire's “Runnin” and “Fantasy”.
Composers Skip Scarborough such as "Can't Hide Love" and "Love Music".
Furthermore,  George Duke ...

It is a wonderful gospel album that can blend naturally into the general public.
※ I like “Come Before His Presence” best ...

It seems to be the most gospel in this album, but ...
Listening to this song feels like a refreshing heart.

1  The Wonders of His Love (Philip Bailey, Eduardo del Barrio, Teri DeSario Purse)
2  He Don't Lie (Skip Scarborough)
3  The Love of God (Rev. Oliver W. Wells)
4  All Soldiers (Keithen Carter, Patrick Leonard)
5  Lonely Broken Hearted People (Philip Bailey, Richard Smallwood, Rev. Oliver W. Wells)
6  Marvelous (Philip Bailey, George Duke)
7  Come Before His Presence (Ingram, Margaurite)
8  I Am Gold (Philip Bailey, Terry McFaddin, Jerry Peters)
9  I Will No Wise Cast You Out (Philip Bailey, Tony Haynes, Skip Scarborough)
10 No Compromise (Philip Bailey, Rev. Oliver W. Wells)
11 Call to War (Philip Bailey, Richard Smallwood, Rev. Oliver W. Wells)
12 The Other Side (Keithen Carter, Patrick Leonard)
13 Thank You (Extended Remix) (Bobby Nunn)

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