MY LIFE WITH EARTH,WIND & FIRE / Maurice White My Life with Earth, Wind & Fire
My Life with Earth, Wind & Fire Reading in English · · ·
 It took me a month to finish reading,
as I have not made it a habit.

 At first it took a while to read,but after 100 page,
I follow the page I am excited about the episode with EWF members and well-known superstars I wanted to secure time to read quickly · · ·

I felt that way. The first black band that changed the history of music.
 Its history and energy gave you power I believe.

 When thinking that such a leader, Maurice does not exist in this world anymore・・・
I am very lonely though ...
 The music he left behind and the various influences are engraved numerous and deeply in history.

 Please read this book and get to know the origin of EWF.
And the message Maurice wanted to tell. Except some disco music, EWF's music is great message from outer space. That way I recognize it.

 A strong step-up message like the world coach, Anthony Robbins !
 They send us with music. One book I would like to read by those who are not EWF fans.

1.Memphis Wonderland
2.Between The Vision And The Fulfillment
3.To Sing Our Message Loud And Clear
4.Full-Spectrum Music
5.The Changing Times

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September feat.Little Glee Monster

September / Earth,Wind & Fire feat.Little Glee Monster  

Live Movie performed at Budokan ,Tokyo.
Featuring the guest, Japanes girls pop group,Little Glee Monster.

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Earth,Wind & Fire Japan Tour 2017

Earth,Wind & Fire Japan tour 2017 started at Osaka Festival Hall, May 20th.

I was so excited seeing them again/
The Members of Earth,Wind & Fire!

Before the concert,
I visited the  hotel  they stayed at with the Japanese friend who had worked with them.

Waiting in the lobby about 20 minutes, the members came down.
My friends who first met with them for the first time were in a dreamlike state that seem to be stunned.

A friend's little daughter started crying poorly at that timing, 
but  David B Whitworth tryed to stop her crying with gentle smile and voice. 

How kind  members of EWF are!

Although it is just a little time, I really enjoyed talking and talking with them!

I really thanks to them!

5 hours later at Osaka festival Hall.
Brrilliant performance started on the stage.

Although the set list was almost same as the shows in 2016.
Their sounds and vibrations that I felt in the same space met the time with the utmost happy mood.

1. Intro (Power,Afuricano,Faces)
2. Boggie Wonderland
3. Jupitar
4. Yearnin' Learning
5. Sing A Song

6.  Shining Star
7.  Saturday Knight 
8.  Septine Fire
9 Kalimba Story
10 Evil

11. Can't Hide Love
12. Love's Holiday
13. Keep Your Head To The Sky
14. Devotion
15. That's The Way Of The World
16. Members's Solo
17. After The Love Is Gone
18. Reasons
19. September
20. Let's Groove
21. Fantasy
22. In The Stone

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Earth,Wind & Fire @ Blue Note Jazz Festival

Live perfor,mance of Earth,Wind & Fire raised the curtain at last!
BLUE NOTE JAZZ FESTIVAL held by Yokohama red brick on the last Saturday.

Featuring Earth,Wind & Fire, Georege Benson, Marcus Miller.
 Andra Day and MISIA appeared fromJapan.

I am the  EWF fan of course, but I'm also a fan of George Benson.
I also wanted to expriense of Marcus Miller !

So It was so amazing music event like being arraneged for me.

Horn rang to get to know the audience to starat the live of EWF!

The dat before tihs, I went to the live of EWF.

It's in a step destination on the previous day in Studio Coast in Shin-kiba.
I satisfied with EWF live
Though it's seat A was  at the far  distance to the stage  than yesterday's standing. live.

Progress and a set list were almost same as the previous day....
The number of songs decreased for a short while.

But, the valuable performance was exsisutanced only at this day
The thing that reae corraboration.

After the 6th number, "Serpentine Fire".
Philip Bailey did inform the special for the first time only at this day!

Marcus Miller.

He battled with each base to Verdine White!
Like Verdin did with Mo Pleasure before.

It sounded and looked so go Gorgeous!

① Power,Africano,Faces
➁ Boggie Wonderland

③ Sing A Song
④ Shining Star
⑤ Saturday Knight / On Your Face
⑥ Serpentine Fire 
⑦ Base battle by Verdine White & Macus Miller
⑧ Kalimba Tree
⑨ Evil
⑩ That's The Way Of The World

⑪ SunGodness
⑫ After The Love Is Gone
⑬ Reasons
⑭ September

⑮ Let's Groove
⑯ In The Stone

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Earth,Wind & Fire @ Studio Coast

I was waitting for this time.
When I could see the performance of Earth,Wind & Fire.

It was held ,last friday at Studio Coast in Shinkiba,Japan.

Many fans gethered there and enjoyed their play.

There was a large screen behind the stage, where various images were projected on.

When that picuture was projected on the wall, I was almost tears.

Maurice White!
His soul did also participating in that live.

Members of this live were as bellow.

Philip Bailey / Leadvocal,Percussion

Verdine White / Bass

Ralph Johnson/ Vocal,Percussion

Morris O'Connor/ Vocal,Gutar

David B Whitworth/ Vocal,Percussion

John Paris/ Vocal,Drums

Serg Dimitrijevic/ Gutar

Myron McKinley/ Keyboard

Robert Burns Jr/ Trumpet

Gary Bias/ Sax

Reggie Young/ Trombone

① Power,Afuricano,Faces

➁ Boggie Wonderland

③ Jupitar

④ Yearnin' Learning

⑤ Sing A Song

⑥ Shining Star

⑦ Saturday Knight / On Your Face

⑧ Sun Godness

⑨ Kalimba Story

⑩ Evil

⑪ That's The Way Of The World

⑫ After The Love Is Gone

⑬ Reasons

⑭ September

⑮ Let's Groove


⑯ Fantasy

⑰ In The Stone

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Earth,Wind & Fire with Prince

Prince has passed away

No way?

Incredible news hit my heart with pain.
We can't wait his new masterpieces no more.

Too large loss at the music industry and for all hearts who love his music.

Our Earth, Wind & Fire left message at their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Thank you Prince for the music, for the journey, for the example.
Thank you for inspiring generations of musicians.
Thank you for being true to yourself.
Thank you for Super Hero.

In the album "Millennium"of EWF,
Prince played together with them.

"Super Hero"

I was so excited when I first listened to it.

Produced by Maurice White.
Written by Prince
Rhythm Arrangement by Prince
Horn Arrangement by Bill Meyers & Maurice White
Vocals by Philip Bailey & Maurice White
Background vocal by Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Sheldon Reynolds & Prince

We will never forget him, Super Hero.

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Funky Wonderland

Funky Wonderland / Earth, Wind & Fire (2008)


DVD product that contains the live performance at the 2008 Chili.

At that time, Kim Johnson  participated , I felt it gorgeous to listen to their chorus with female member.

Philip Bailey lead the performance on  the center,.
and B David Whitworth also played a major role!

The camera was chasing only 3 of the original members,
Philip Bailey, Verdine White, Ralph Johnson.
There was dissatisfied point for me coz I really love all the members of EWF.

Cavalcade of hit songs!

Hundreds of times would have been listened , but these songs  never get us tired.
Also attractive arrangement was changing.

Interlude that connects the songs, solo play at the time of the member referral・・・
There were really cool!

For me,this DVD became in one important thing to watch on a regular basis in the future.

1 Opening    
2 Boogie Wonderland    
3 Sing a song    
4 Shining Star    
5 Sun Goddess    
6 Serpentine Fire    
7 Kalimba Story    
8 Evil    
9 Brazilian Rhyme    
10 After The Love Has Gone    
11 Reasons    
12 In The Stone    
13 Got To Get You Into My Life    
14 Fantasy
15 September
16 Let's Groove

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Sol To Soul

Sol To Soul / Freddie Ravel  (1999)

Really exciting album, especially for the EWF lovers.

Freddie Ravel was the great keyboard player at Earth,Wind & Fire.

This solo album was produced by Maurice White in 1999.

Luxurious album that was filled in a variety of facial expressions.

Friendly feelings and exciting elation were in the one disc .

"Sol To Soul" of the album title track might not be away from the ear after listening once. 

Funky tune that was progress in the scat of Maurice White would knock you!

Verdine White also participated in this album.

Produced by Maurice White/ ①、③、⑤、⑪、⑫、⑬

Vocals on ①,④by Maurice White

Bass on ⑥ by Verdine White

 1  Sol to Soul 
(Freddie Ravel) 

 2  Havana Nights 
(Freddie Ravel)  

 3  We Belong Together 
(Sami McKinney / Freddie Ravel ) 

 4  Erotika 
(Freddie Ravel / Maurice White)

 5  A Perfect Day 
(Freddie Ravel )

  6  Quedate Conmigo 
(Luis Enrique / Freddie Ravel)   

 7  Sailaway (Navegando Sin Rumbo) 
(Freddie Ravel)  

 8  Slip in the Gap 
(Freddie Ravel / Anjani Thomas / Verdine White ) 

 9  Dance for the Sol 
(Freddie Ravel) 

 10  Over You 
(Freddie Ravel / Anjani Thomas) 
11  Mambozique 
(Freddie Ravel)  
12  Passion Dance 
(Freddie Ravel)  

 13  In a Sentimental Mood 
(Duke Ellington / Manny Kurtz / Irving Mills) 

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Electric Universe (Expanded Edition)

Electric Universe (Expanded Edition)  (2015)

This album might be the posthumous work of Maurice White.

Maurice intended this album  as an album which reaches the present young people instead of the mere past repackage.

It was an experimental album that electric sound was taken in on a large scale, though with the phones of Andlew Wolfolk,.
I really love this album!

The tracks were added to this Expanded Edition , eight trucks to the original.

Since the number of original was eight, this had double contents.

Different Version of "Magnetic" which is the highlight music of an album were three kinds.

The sound source of first public presentation were five .

12 and 13 were demo version of album inclusion music.

I  was surprised with the chorus portion of the  "Were Living in Our Own Time"
Low voices of chorus were added to the demo instead of high-pitched sound.

Furthermore, the last three music was precious music first exhibited in this album.
All 3 music were written by Maurice White.

1.  Magnetic 
2.  Touch 
3.  Moonwalk 
4.  Could It Be Right 
5.  Spirit Of A New World 
6.  Sweet Sassy Lady 
7.  We re Living In Our Own Time 
8.  Electric Nation 
9.  Magnetic (Extended Dance Remix) 
10. Magnetic (Instrumental) 
11. Magnetic (7 Inch Version) 
12. Spirit of a New World (Demo Version) (Previously Unreleased) 
13. El Solitario (Were Living in Our Own Time Demo Version) (Previously Unreleased) 
14. Heres to Love (Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased) 
15. Club Foot (Previously Unreleased) 
16. Milky Way (Previously Unreleased)

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Thank you, Maurice!

I did not want to believe this news

I was so shocked .

Maurice White died at home in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

He is for mereally big presence.

It feels like a hole in my heart had opened.

Maurice has  given a lot of things to us until nowand will continue to have an impact in the future.

Thank you so much , Maurice!

You are shinning star, forever!

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