You Want My Love feat. Lucky Daye


Although the introduction has been delayed for a long time, the new work of Earth, Wind & Fire has been released after a long time. You Want My Love feat. Lucky Daye Lucky Daye, a hot new singer who has been nominated for four categories including the 2020 Grammy Award for Best R & B Song and R & B Album Award. EWF have appointed him as the lead vocalist for the famous song "Can't Hide Love". A song that was released as a single in 1976 and reached No. 11 on the US Billboard Hot Soul Songs chart and No. 39 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. It is recorded in "Gratitude" in the album. This wonderful song is said to be the lead single of the new album that is being produced for release. EWF signs new global contract with Universal Music Enterprises (UMe). It has been announced that a new album will be produced with producer and hit maker Kenny Edmonds, also known as Baby Face. I also love Baby Face, so I'm really looking forward to the completion of this project! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BTQZFOE/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=kaolu08-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B01BTQZFOE&linkId=664031dadbcc71b0936c9acb09adc711 Return to the index of We Love Earth,Wind&Fire!


Christmas With EWF 2020

Don't go out this Christmas !

Let's spend time with your loved ones at home! 
If you live alone, have a wonderful eve while being surrounded by music full of love from your favorite artist! 

It's been a hard time, but 
I Wish You A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

 In my case, EARTH, WIND & FIRE will cheer up my soul this year as well. 

I would like to introduce again the EWF Christmas articles that I shared in the past!


★ Christmas / Howard Hewett 

★ The Classic Christmas Album / Earth,Wind & Fire 

★ Holiday / Earth,Wind & Fire 



 Earth,Wind & Fire Japanese Singles Collection (2020)  

The artist's single songs vary from country to country. 
 Earth, Wind & Fire is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. 
Collection set of single songs released in Japan has been released. 
2 CDs and 1DVD. 
Two thick booklets are included, one of which is a lineup of single jackets from Japan. 
The design of the early days makes us feel the times. 
Notably, the full version of Brazilian Rhyme was recorded on CD for the first time. 

And the promotion video of 4 songs were recorded on the DVD for the first time. First, "Brazilian Rhyme". 
I'm grateful for the longer playing time because it always makes me want to listen more. 
When I listen to EWF's hit songs with the passage of time after a long time ... 
Once again, I am amazed at the high degree of perfection. 
The arrangements and choruses are all meticulously assembled in every detail. 

Further DVD. "Wanna Be The Man" I watched this for the first time. 
* It's not a cool finish, but ... 
 It's been a while since I saw Maurice White's "I Need You" video and felt it. 
I didn't think when I first saw it ... 
There were multiple beautiful women in this video. 
However, when the lyrics are superimposed ... 
It seems that the main character is reaching out to multiple women ... 
Shouldn't it be better to narrow down the heroine to one person? 

 Anyway, I think it's a must-have collection for fans.


01. Mighty Mighty from the album 『Open Our Eyes』 
02. Kalimba Story  from the album 『Open Our Eyes』 
03.Shinning Star from the album 『That's the Way of the World』 
04. That's the Way of the World from the album 『That's the Way of the World』 05. Sing A Song from the album 『Gratitude』 
06. Can't Hide Love from the album 『Gratitude』 
07. Getaway from the album 『Spirit』 
08. Saturday Nite from the album 『Spirit』 
09. On Your Face from the album 『Spirit』 
10. Sepentine Fire from the album 『All'n All』 
11. Fantasy from the album 『All'n All』 
12. Jupiter from the album 『All'n All』 
13. Got To Get You Into My Life from 『Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band』Original Soundtrack 
14. Magic Mind from the album 『All'n All』 
15. September from the album 『Best Of EW & F VOL.1』 
16. Bogie Wonderland with Emotions  from the album 『I Am』 
17. Star from the album 『I Am』 
18. After The Love Has Gone from the album 『I Am』 
19. In The Stone from the album 『I Am』 
20. Can't Let Go from the album 『I Am』 
21. Brazilian Rhyme(Extended Version))※ Japan's first CD * Bonus track DISC2


01. Let Me Talk  from the album 『Faces』 
02. Spakle from the album 『Faces』 
03. Let's Groove from the album 『Raise!』 
04. I've Had Enough from the album 『Raise!』 
05. The Changing Times from the album 『Raise!』 
06. Fall In Love With Me from the album 『Powerlight』 
07. The Speed Of Love from the album 『Powerlight』 
08. Magnetic from the album 『Electric Universe』 
09. Spirit Of A New World from the album 『Electric Universe』 
10. System Of Survival from the album 『Touch The World』 
11. Evil Roy from the album 『Touch The World』 
12. Turn On from the album 『Best Of EW & F VOL.2』 
13. Heritage feat. The Boys from the album 『Heritage』 
14. Takin' Chances from the album 『Heritage』 
15. Wanna Be The Man feat. M.C.Hammer from the album 『Heritage』 
16. My Promise ※ from the album 『Forever』 
17. SunGodness<Ramsey Lewis feat. EW&F>※ 
18. Easy Lover <Philip Bailey&Phill Collins>※ 
19. I Need You <Maurice White>※ 
※Bonus Truck DISC3

" M1-M16 also includes Dolby Digital 5.1ch surround sound (20 songs in total)" 

01. Reasons (Live) 
02.Sing A Song (Live) 
03. Sepentine Fire 
04. Fantasy (Live) 
05. September 
06. Boogie Wonderland 
07. After The Love Has Gonr(Live) 
08. Let Me Talk 
09. Let's Groove 
10. I've Had Enough(Live) 
11.Fall In Love With Me 
12. Magnetic 
13. System Of Survival 
14. Thinking Of You 
15. Evil Roy 
16. Heritage (World's first DVD) 
17. Wanna Be The Man (World's first DVD) 
18. My Promise (World's first DVD) 
19. Easy Lover World's first DVD 
20. I Need You World's first DVD 


Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival (2016)

The Glastonbury Festival is a large-scale outdoor music festival that has been held in Pilton, England since 1970.
A live performance featuring Earth, Wind & Fire in 2016 is on sale on DVD.

The performance with a new arrangement added to the standard masterpiece is wonderful!
Other famous songs are inserted in the middle of the song ...
The vocals of B David Whitworth and Philip Bailey Jr. are featured in many of these works ...
You can feel the new wave of EWF.
In addition, Ralph Johnson's solo (Got To Get You In My Life), which I haven't heard much until now, is a great performance for fans.

01 Africano
02 Faces
03 Boggie Wonderland
04 Jupiter
05 Yearning'
06 Shining Star
07 On Your Face 
08 Sing A Song
09 Serpentine Fire
10 Kalimba Story
11 Evil
12 Devotion
13 That's The Way Of The World
14 After The Love Has Gone
15 Got To Get You Into My Life
16 Fantasy
17  September
18 Let's Groove
19 In The Stone

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It Is Love

It Is Love  / Sheldon Reynolds The Familey (2017)


Sheldon Reynolds was previously a vocalist and drummer for Earth, Wind & Fire. I really like his voice and I love his songs without exception! 
 I was really shocked when I learned that he had left EWF. 
 And also I feel sorry when I knew that he has the same Parkinson's disease as Maurice White. 
The release of this work while being deprived of physical freedom little by little. Unlike Maurice when he disappeared from the live, as long as he listens to the album, he is full of power and love. 
I sincerely hope that medicine will evolve and that the activities of this genius musician will not be taken away in the future. 

 While playing an active part on his own, he also really likes "Devoted Spirits", which he teamed up with Larry Dunn and Morris Plesure

Two of them also participated in the eighth song of this album, Interlude. 
EWF Horns also participated in EWF's masterpiece "Sing A Song"! 

The voice of his wife Marilyn Reynolds, who is featured this time, is also really wonderful! Touch Me placed at the end of the album seems to be listening to standard masterpieces. 
Everything is a masterpiece, just like an EWF album. 

This time, like Sheldon Reynolds The Familey, this is a superb album created with his family around him. 
It was released in advance in Japan ... 
It's a pity that it doesn't seem to be sold very widely. 
I'm looking forward to his next album. 

01. Drum Major -Kalimba Evolution-
(Sheldon Reynolds, Brice Bates)
02. Can't Get Enough
(Marilyn Reynolds,, Haakon Graf, Sheldon Reynolds)
03. Sunday Morning
(Sheldon Reynolds Maurice White, Ailee Willis)
04. My Sweet Lady
(Sheldon Reynolds)
05. Your Day
(Sheldon Reynolds)
06. Jade -Interlude-
(Marilyn Reynolds, Sheldon Reynolds, Jade Williams)
07. It Is Love
(Maurice White, Ken Reynolds )
08. All About Love -Interlude-
(Larry Dunn, Maurice White)
09. Geetar -Interlude-
(Sheldon Reynolds)
10. No One Higher
(Sheldon Reynolds)
11. Date Knight
(Charles E WilliamsⅡ)
12. All That I Need
(Sheldon Reynolds、Marilyn Reynolds)
13. Midnight
(Sheldon Reynolds)
14. Feeling Good
(Sheldon Reynolds、Marilyn Reynolds,Neiman Sowells, Ryan Sowells)
15. Sing a Song
(Maurice White,Al McKay)
16. Touch Me
(Sheldon Reynolds、Marilyn Reynolds)

8・・・Performed by Sheldon Reynolds ,Larry Dunn, Morris Pleasure
15・・・featuring EWF Horns
   Sax / Gary Bias
   Trombone / Reggie Young
   Trumpet / Bobby Burns


With Earth, Wind & Fire

With Earth, Wind & Fire I edited to video , some important pictures taken with the members of Earth, Wind & Fire .

BGM is "Let Me Love You" featured on the "Illumination" collector's CD as a bonus track.  

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One World

One World (1990) from album "Music Speaks Louder Than Words)

The whole world is under threat from the new COVID-19.
Now we are forced to take a distance.
But I want to keep our minds closer and fight as a whole world!
Earth, Wind & Fire's 1990 song ...
Don't you think that we can be empowered by listening ?
I quote the lyrics this time.
One World
(P P Oland, F Previte, S Manukion, M Targo)
Someone like you, someone like me
Dreaming a dream of what could be
Do we believe ? We'll maybe we do
It all comes down to me and you
No matter who we are …there's only
One world
One love to share
I've seen it in your eyes
I see it everywhere
We're not alone
We all share a home
In one world
We speak in different words
We live our separate lives
Yet every morning 
We watch the same sun rise
Produced by Maurice White
Associate Producer / Bill Meyers
Lead Vocals / Maurice White & Philip Bailey
Keyboads and Synthesizers / Bill Meyers
Percussion / Maurice White
Guitar / Sheldon Reynolds
Saxphone / Gary Bias
Trumpet / Ray Brown
Trumpet / Michael Stewart
Trombone / Reggie Young
Backgruond Vocals / Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Sheldon Reynolds

This song is also featured in this album.

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Revernge / Nathan East (2017)

Nathan East, a member of Four Play and known as a global bassist.
Here is his third solo album.

While performing with many artists ...
To be honest, this instruments are hard to become the main characters.

However, those two solos that have overcome such concerns are bestsellers.
※ I have not purchased, but ...

Well, this album.
Earth, Wind & Fire members participated in 2 songs.
The two songs are EWF's masterpieces "Love's Holiday" and "Serpentine Fire"

The song that inserts new syllables while keeping the original phrase is really nice.
Voice of Philip Bailey who participated in “Love's Holiday”.

Chorus is unique expression only this time, great satisfaction.

Also I felt happy with "Serpentine Fire".
Here, the vocals are featured from the beginning, so you can enjoy Philip Bailey's lead and back vocals.
Moreover, the chorus isn't the obligato of this song, which I'm used to listening to,
I got the impression like a new song, and recently started heavy rotation.

Lead vocalist is Philip Bailey.
Further ...
Verdin White on Bass
Ralph Johnson on Percussion

Also, Eric Clapton on guitar and Phil Collins on Drum.
Great collaboration!

01. Love's Holiday(feat. Philip Bailey)
02. Lifecycle
03. Elevenate
04. Serpentine Fire(feat. Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind & Fire)
05. Feels Like Home(feat. Yolanda Adams)
06. Higher Ground(feat. Kirk Whalum)
07. The Mood I’m In(feat. Nikki Yanofsky)
08. Over The Rainbow(feat. Noah East)
09. Shadow
10. Pasan
11. Why Not This Sunday(feat. Ruben Studdard)
12. Until We Meet Again

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Images / Bill Meyers (1986)

I finally got it.
When I discovered it before, it was expensive and out of hand.
He participated in numerous albums of Earth, Wind & Fire.

It is a solo album of Blll Meyers who produced many famous songs by teaming with Maurice White.

All seven songs are instrumental.
The melodious and magnificent tune continues and is comfortable.

Jerry Hey participated in the horn selection.

1 AM (feat. Larry Carlton & Ernie Watts)
2 PM (feat. Ernie Watts)
3 Voyager (Prelude & Liftoff) [feat. Larry Carlton & Vinnie Colaiuta]
4 Heartland
5 Time Warp (Part 1) [feat. Brandon Fields]
6 Time Warp (Part 2) [feat. Brandon Fields]
7 Pastorale (feat. Michael Landau)

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I Feel The Light

I Feel The Light  / Little Glee Monster featuring Earth,Wind & Fire (2019)

 The long-awaited CD has been released! Little Glee Monster has grown into a leading Japanese girl vocal group .
Their new song features our Earth, Wind & Fire!
They were the undercards of the last time the EWF came to Japan and performed a concert at Budokan.

In that case, I do not know their existence ...
Surprise to sing the famous song "Septenmber" together ...
 In this performance, I shot this video ...
 * Movie shooting was OK, so it was not taken illegally.
 Comments on my YouTube channel are only for Little Glee Monster fan ...

It's an incredibly popular group! New songs featuring EWF.
Many EWF members have collaborated with Japanese artists,
Maurice White with Sakurako Mitsui, kaito, Noriko Sakai,
Philip Bailey with Anri, J-frends
Ralph Jonson with Hiromi Iwasaki,

However, there were few examples in the past that feature and release with the entire EWF group.
 Unfortunately, it seems that it is only released in Japan with a CD and DVD set. But you can get this here!
  【Amazon.co.jp限定】I Feel The Light (通常盤) (オリジナル缶バッジ付)

The groove is EWF! It's really cool!
There's a Philip Bailey solo, and their melody line is overlaid by Philip's chorus. 

How many EWF members are participating?
There was a notation on the jacket.

 Lyrics / Philip Bailey
Produced by Philip Bailey
Vocal Direction / Valerie Bailey
Horn Arrengement/ Ray Brown
Gutiars / Masa Kohama
Bass / Verdine White
Drums / John Paris
Trumpets / Rashwn Ross, Will Artope,
Alto Tenor Sax / Gary Bias
Trombone / Reggie Young

 I was able to confirm John Paris's participation in the video, but ...
My favorite Gary Bias and Reggie Young were also ...
It should be a funky and lucky sound like EWF!
 This product also comes with a DVD.
PV, which Little Glee Monster co-starred with Earth, Wind & Fire,
 They also comment on how they participated in this miracle project.

The CD coupling song is a Christmas song that seems to be a huge hit even for singles.
 It's a rich one!

1 I Feel The Light / Little Glee Monster featuring Earth, Wind & Fire
2 Put a ribbon on your love
3 You've Got A Friend
4 Monster Groove Medley
5 You Don't Know Nothing

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